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If you’ve got an idea or a project and you’re looking for a partner to create it, then we could work with you to achieve your aims.

Choose us if you like the way we work. We could be the backbone on which you build the value to deliver to your clients. We:

- identify the people, from extrategy and the client to be part of the team. The team will work together for the entire project to reach goals using rituals, practices, tools and contractual methods from the world of lean and agile business.

- Avoid taking crucial decisions at times of minimum project awareness and maximum uncertainty: the start.

- Envisage small, frequent steps forward to collect feedback and take real-time decisions.

- Stimulate and incentivise change, freeing the project from initial constraints or hypotheses that become less valid over time, so that it can grow. This also applies to type of contract.

- Create awareness and confidence within the team, directing it towards shared choices, based on evidence and firm results.

e-xtrategy srl via S. Ubaldo, 36 – 60030 Monsano (AN) - Italy

T. +39 0731 60225 F. +39 0731 690556


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