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extrategy uses a recruitment system that is not traditional: "no résumés, no interviews":)

For us it is much more effective to get to know each other rather than selecting a person based on their résumé. To get to know us then, we recommend that you follow our blog to get to know more about the technologies and tools we use and the events we will be at, where you can find an exer to talk to.

You will definitely find us in the DevMarche and FiordiRisorse communities, and you are sure to meet up with an exer at almost all events in the Marche.

If you think you are in line with our approach and you’re good at what you do, (or simply) you’re interested in frontend and mobile development or areas such as business modelling, agile and lean management, and liquid organizations, then we’d love to have a chat with you, “face to face” at one of the community events, where we can get to know each other better. Alternatively, you can also follow us on social networks (we are easy to find on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin).

You can also send us references of your work (for example, a repository of your code, where you feel you are “strongest”) so that we can understand a bit more about you.

Oh yes! We like to collaborate with remote workers, and geographical distance from our headquarters is never a barrier :)

e-xtrategy srl via S. Ubaldo, 36 – 60030 Monsano (AN) - Italy

T. +39 0731 60225 F. +39 0731 690556


    Tell us your business aims and we'll help you to achieve them, with the right skills and tools

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    No to résumés, yes to networking!

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