Interaction Design

We design mobile and web solutions with specific attention to the end user. The purpose of the project, type of user and context guide us in interface and interaction design.

From our earliest meetings with the client, we are able to produce draft layouts to identify the interface for the website or app to be made. This means we can focus on the most relevant information, define browsing and study the usability of the product.

We observe users as they interact with the web or mobile prototype, and we also use interviews to get feedback that we can use to identify the crucial aspects and the priorities perceived and required by users.

It is only after these activities that we can design and create a user interface, opting for an image that focuses on the objective to foster the best possible use for the target, while following the client’s own distinguishing graphic/creative line.

  • ux and interaction design

  • usability

  • user interface design


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